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Dr. Klioze’s Testimonial

I first encountered the BEMER device after meeting Tony and Audrey Lewis at the Mayor’s Challenge in Ormond Beach, FL.  I was interested once I learned that BEMER technology increases vascular flow and recovery after exercise.  I used the device for two weeks, and had 17 different people, friends and family try it as well during this time. Most all of them noted improvement from reduced swelling, edema, pain from plantar fasciitis, muscle pain and improved range of motion.  I had a half marathon approaching and, with no change in my training, I experienced an 8-minute improvement in my time and my recovery was much faster, with no muscle cramps or fatigue after the race. I have learned since, that many athletes also use the device to recover more easily. I continue to use it for small injuries that occur while running, working in the yard, or working out in the gym and it has also made a great impact on my sleep. BEMER improves circulation so your body can heal itself. This is why we love Bemer.

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