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Shield of Life

Company Mission

This company is founded on the passion for bringing HOPE in reversing disease through TRUTH in evidence-based scientific research and by providing LOVE, support, guidance and the tools to foster FAITH and BELIEF in actualizing disease mitigation and reversal.

Shield of Life was born from Dr. Klioze's more than 20 year medical practice experience in successfully mitigating and reversing disease in her patients.

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Meet Dr. Andria Klioze

Her passion for wellness is undeniable and immediately relatable as you follow her journey which led her to where she is today. 


In 2002, after leaving her posts as Director of Faculty Development at the University of Florida and as Hospitalist for the Veterans Administration (VA) in Gainesville, FL, Dr. Klioze moved to the Daytona area to manage a newly formed metabolic clinic for the Daytona Beach, VA. Here, she worked with renal, liver, pancreatic, heart failure and cancer patients, many of which were also obese and diabetic.  In addition to treating their diseases, she began helping her patients make healthier food choices, improving their sleep disorders, providing them with exercise prescriptions, encouraging them to engage in spiritual practices and having them develop a community of friends and family that would be supportive to their transformation. As her patients began to lose significant amounts of weight, medications were reduced or stopped and their disease either resolved, improved or were in remission only to arise when the made bad lifestyle choices. 


Many colleagues, family members of patients and friends in the community convinced Dr. Klioze to make her education and guidance available to the public. This is how Shield of Life was born.

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Our Program

Shield of Life is committed to helping you understand how to be your healthy best and to promoting longevity.  Our program comprises three major components: personal coaching with Dr. Klioze, physician led monthly Zoom meetings and the independent educational video series.

About - Bemer
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BEMER Therapy

Shield of Life supports and promotes maximizing circulatory blood flow for the delivery of nutrients and the removal of toxins from the cells of the body. For this reason, not only do we educate, support and encourage exercise, but we also endorse, rent and sell Bemer devices which enhance vascular flow.

About - Clothes
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Our Apparel

Our Shield of Life Protective Comfort Wear, is another layer of our protective shield. Not only is our clothing beautiful, elegant and comfortable but it has antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic properties.

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