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Five Keys

"Our company is founded on a passion for science and a dream to benefit the community through lifestyle education and the 5 keys of disease reversal."

We all know we need to exercise, but sometimes it's hard to make ourselves do it. Physical activity has been significant to our existence throughout time.


As our world becomes more sedentary and automated, we realize the importance of moving with purpose and direction. Not only does exercise assist our body in maintaining our strength and movement, but it also helps our biome, which impacts our immune system. Of greater importance is also the fact that exercise impacts our cognitive performance and longevity. Inactivity, on the other hand, is associated with physical, mental, and emotional decline. 

How do we motivate ourselves to change when we've become so comfortable with our status quo? In recognizing the importance and need for change we, at SHIELD OF LIFE, help you understand the effectiveness and importance of exercise on your health and body, how to begin an exercise routine or how to maximize what you are already doing. You may start slowly, and that's ok, but what’s mostly important is taking one step at a time to begin your transformation towards a better YOU! 



Key to disease reversal, weight loss and health maintenance

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Healthy Eating

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates‎‏‏‎ 

Through the years, a proliferation of nutritional platforms has been developed, many of which are in conflict with each other, making it challenging to discern which one is right for us.


In 2002, when Dr. Klioze started her clinic at the Daytona Beach Veterans Administration, she began to care for complex and critical patients and found that approximately >80% of them were overweight and many were diabetic or prediabetic. The common denominators were poor nutrition, lack of sleep and exercise, stress and not being surrounded by healthy support. Many felt a loss of control over their lives as one chronic disease was building on top of another.


So, her first step was to encourage healthier food choices and monitor the impact of what they ate on how they felt or how it affected their blood sugars. Minimizing quantities and frequency of meals was also guided and supported. The dramatic improvement in her patients’ lab test results and their consequent weight loss, allowed Dr. Klioze to reduce and/or even suspend their medications and insulin.


While consulting with a subgroup of endocrinologists and nutritionists in a non-formal subcommittee at the National American Diabetes Association, Dr. Klioze received the discouraging feedback that patients would more than likely revert back to requiring insulin over time. Though this became true for some patients who did not maintain their nutritional regimen and who were no longer connected to the support groups she created, it was NOT true for patients who stayed on track. In fact, the patients who continued with the regimen and support, were not only getting off their insulin but getting off many other medications as well!

Sleep is often overlooked as one of the causes of disease.

It has only been since 2017, when Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W.Young received the Nobel Prize in Physiology for their discoveries on circadian rhythm, that the medical profession as a whole has more intently studied the impact disruptive sleep patterns have on health. Through this research, it has become apparent that disruptive sleep cycles can increase a person's risk for diabetes, obesity, aggressive behavior, depression, cognitive performance, vascular diseases, and cancer.


Our SHIELD OF LIFE HEAL program will provide you with more information on sleep and improving sleep behavior as we see it as a vital key to longevity and a healthy, happy life.

Our team looks forward to meeting you.

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Vital to resetting, recovering and repairing our bodies for the day.



Evolving sense of awareness of self in a greater universe and that each person is created for a purpose.

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 The definition of spirituality comprises a personal belief and an awareness of being part of something greater than oneself, whether it's religious or empirical.


It's also associated with the humble understanding that we were created by something greater than ourselves and that we should learn to respect all living things around us.


This brings us to the consideration and understanding of one's purpose and how to achieve this purpose throughout life. Research studies have indicated that people with a strong spiritual foundation, a belief that nature or God is the creator of the universe, are happier, manage illnesses of all types better, and have healthier outcomes. Research has also shown that patients who engage in spiritual or religious practices have higher levels of dopamine, a neurochemical in our brain associated with happiness, motivation and more positive behavior.

As you join our SHIELD OF LIFE HEAL program, we hope to inspire you to discover or enhance your own spiritual relationship while developing a higher level of understanding of your importance and purpose in life.

We have all had times when, after working hard on our exercise program and our healthy eating nutritional plans, the weekend arrives and we indulge. We promise ourselves to get back on track on Monday, but then Monday comes and we continue to build the "excuse wall" until it's so high that we cannot tear it down!

There are many reasons why we allow this to happen, one being a drop in dopamine levels, another being not really wanting to change and becoming somewhat satisfied with our current condition. Some might have experienced how family, friends or co-workers have assisted when our efforts were being personally sabotaged. This is why it's important to have a supportive community of like-minded people that will lovingly encourage, help and keep us accountable.

Research shows that habits are established after 21 days of incorporating a new behavior; however, this is only true for the consistent person who really wants to acquire a new habit or behavior.  For this reason, the SHIELD OF LIFE HEAL platform helps establish healthy habits and supports participants while solidifying these new behaviors by teaching the science upon which Dr. Klioze built the program. She helps clarify and experience the impact of healthy choices and then supports you in maintaining this new way of life. She has experienced amazing transformations in her many patients and participants with this model, and now you can experience it, too. SHIELD OF LIFE does not offer nor sell weight loss pills or gimmicks. We only require participants to follow our program with a desire to learn, an enthusiasm to change, and a commitment to staying the course by sharing successes and frustrations which will lead to our goal. 

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A group of people such as family and friends who help support and maintain your healing transformation.

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